ALPS was called upon to examine
the photo shown above left of the actual
bank robber exiting the bank after a heist;
and to make any suggestions for the defense
of the man ALPS would later take a picture
of (as shown above right).

    Of course, he said he did not do it, and was
very agreeable to having ALPS work with his
attorney to prove his innocence.
The alleged robber claimed it could not be
him because the guy in the actual photo
(shown above left) was not the same height.
So, ALPS proceeded to do
'reverse projection resectional
comparison photogrametry
for the case. ALPS built a giant ruler and went
to the bank; placing everything in the bank in
the position it was in when the bank was robbed,
as well as the giant ruler where the robber was in
the video still (as per the photo shown  above left);
ALPS measured the counters, light switches, walls,
plants, furniture, and anything that would be of
significant value for 'photogrametry'.
ALPS, now with the 'photogrametry' photos from
the bank, went to the alleged robber's attorney's office to
meet with the 'alleged innocent' himself.  ALPS put the giant
ruler beside him and took the photo (as shown above right).
The actual bank heist photo, with the final photogrametry
measurements having been made, was now showing a clear
overlay with the same ruler upon it.
Therefore, as per the photo shown above left, the
measurements were now clear and accurate.
Was he innocent ?...
...Mr. Innocence showed up for the photo session
wearing the same shoes.

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Reverse Projection Photogrametry
( a real shoe in ! )

Reverse Projection Photogrametry

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